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Can I use Obagi Skin Care Products Without A Prescription?Obagi brand skin care products seem to be flooding the market.  Any random search and you can find seemingly any Obagi product you want from online retailers such as Amazon and even so called online skin care providers. Why not buy direct from the internet and save money while getting the skin care I need. Is your skin important to you?  Did you know that the most effective Obagi products are not available "Over The Counter"?  

Can I Use Obagi Skin Care Products Without a Doctor's Prescription?

The answer is not an easy "Yes" because the most effective Obagi skin care products are in fact prescription only due to the ingredients and/or strength of chemicals found within them.

When it comes to advanced skin care treatment, always consult your skin care specialist and if believe there is a comparable product to what your skin care specialist is prescribing you, then simply ask.  While most effective skin care products do contact federally monitored chemicals, if your skin care solution can be handled by over the counter products your skin care specialist is going to happily tell you which ones, if any.

Do not leave the quality of life and the happiness of the skin you are in to a product found on the internet just because it may carry the Obagi name. Always check with your skin care specialist for a proper treatment plan.