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Prescription Strength Products Provide The Results You Deserve.

Chattanooga's Genuine Obagi RX Prescription Treatment

Obagi skin care products include prescription-strength formulations and are available only through physicians, medical spas, and other skin care and medical professionals such as Advanced Skin Care by Carol Billingsley. The only way to ensure your Obagi product is genuine is to purchase it through a professional authorized channel. 

PCA Skin Care Products

Trust The Experts

Part of the team

PCA SKIN® takes a unique approach to customer service that is unmatched in the clinical skin care industry. We aim high to help our customers deliver the best possible results for their patients.

DermaZinc Prescription Strength

For Severe Chronic Skin Conditions see Advanced Skin Care for DermaZinc Products.

Apply Prescription Strength DermaZinc™ Products (Compounded with Micronized Betamethasone Dipropionate USP) to affected area 2 times a day for a maximum of 14 days.

IMPORTANT: Do not apply to thin skin areas or mucous membranes.

TIZO Skin Care

TIZO® Mineral Sunscreens are the best!

TIZO Mineral Sunscreens are the best and most complete collection of physical sunscreens on the market.

Free of oils, parabens, frangrances and dyes, developed for patients
with photosensitive conditions…


Biafine cream is used by a vast percent of French people and it's increasing in popularity around the globe for its unique properties. Biafine has non-toxic ingredients and is okay for use by people of all ages. It is in a cream emulsion form, and its manufacturers say it can be used daily without adverse reactions.

 Fake Bake by Ulta

Fake Bake is the UK's leading brand in sunless tanning and we are proud of our range of products and services including professional tanning, consumer products and our innovative Fake Bake At Home service. Our innovative range has a tan to suit any skin type and is a favourite of leading beauty editors and celebrities. We are committed to using as many natural ingredients as possible and our products are paraben free. 



Modern Approach to Exfoliation

Chemoexfoliation from GLYTONE by ENERPEEL® utilizes unique acid solutions for specific skin concerns. Our advanced peel systems are characterized by a patented technology that delivers optimal outcomes reducing the usual discomfort and social downtime associated with other peels

Clinicians Complex

COSMED Dermaceuticals, Inc. is a family owned business with dermatological, nursing, cosmecutical and skin rejuvenation experience. Clinicians Complex is a medically oriented skin rejuvenation product line available and sold only through clinicians, medical spas, and other skin care professionals. We utilize the latest developments in cosmecutical skin care technology. Our products are manufactured in "the USA at" FDA audited laboratories, and contain the highest quality pharmaceutical grade, anti-aging ingredients backed by science. 


Chattanooga Tend Skin - Skin Care

Tend Skin® Liquid requires no mixing. There are no limits on use, and no preparations before use. You can now use your preferred method of hair removal.Tend Skin® Liquid was developed with No Animal Testing! Many great inventions and discoveries in the world were unintentional or just plain accidents. The story you are about to read concerning a breakthrough in the cosmetics field relates another great accidental discovery.

In 1985, in an office in South Florida, a dentist was working on a patient. The patient was a private investigator. Medication was given to the patient to alleviate the pain associated with his treatment. Two days later, the patient noticed a dramatic improvement not only in the pain level, but in his skin as well. His face, which was full of razor bumps, had cleared up!


Jane Iredale

Jane Iredale is the president and founder of Iredale Mineral Cosmetics, a company she founded in 1994 which brought the mineral makeup line jane iredale to the aesthetic industry. She was the first to supply this industry with a line of makeup that had skin care benefits.

Revision Skincare

We concentrate on what is truly important: the substance and quality of our products.

Every day, our scientists pour their hearts as well as their scientific expertise into making Revision Skincare products. They are driven by a profound passion to develop product formulations that deliver real skincare benefits.


Mark Lees Skin Care

For over 20 years, Mark Lees Skin Care has been developing science-based skin care products and cosmetics for acne, clog-prone, sensitive, and aging skin.

The Mark Lees system of skin care products developed from the needs of thousands of Dr. Lees' own clients who needed effective products, but had consistently experienced breakouts and irritations from many other products they had tried.

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Intradermal Cosmetics

Permanent Cosmetic Facial Enhancements and Restorative Processes.

Skin Treatments

Skin Peels can Correct Sun Damage, Flatten Mild Scars, Improve Wrinkles and more.

Lamprobe Treatments

Removal of Unwanted Sun Spots, Age Spots, Broken Veins, Skin Tags and more.