Carol Billingsley is proud of the testimonials she has received over the years. Her work shines through in the words of local Doctors, Dentists and Plastic Surgeons.

Johnetta Susong

Intradermal pigmentation has progressed significantly since I first used this procedure in 1985.  Then, the procedure was tedious and the colors faded over time.  Today's technology has produced better, longer lasting color and better equipment.  The most important ingredient however remains the technical skill of the operator.  Carol Billingsley has trained with some of the best people in the country.  I have observed Carol perform this procedure and am confident in her talents.  Carol combines good technique with a wonderful caring attitude about her clients.  I enjoy knowing Carol personally and I have trusted Carol to perform this procedure on my wife, Johnetta.

C. Rodney Susong, M.D.

Dena von Werssowetz

As a plastic surgeon I have long been familiar with the benefits of permanent makeup techniques and the pleasure that patients derive from this.  Recently my wife, Dena underwent permanent makeup procedures, and I became aware of the side effect benefit to the spouse.  Typically, a husband and wife spend a lot of downtime together with casual attire and minimal makeup.  This is a lot of the time that the husband sees his wife.  Since my wife underwent the procedure, I have thoroughly enjoyed the enhancement of her beauty on an around the clock basis.  As a husband, I thoroughly recommend the procedure and endorse it as a benefit for both the patient and her significant other.

Arthur J. von Werssowetz, M.D., F.A.C.S.

Rhonda Hooper

I observed as my wife, Rhonda had permanent cosmetics.  She had permanent eyeliner and permanent lip color.  Carol's ability and technique she uses for these procedures is of the highest quality.  I enjoy seeing my wife do something like this that has such a positive outcome.

Wley W. Hooper, D.D.S.

Gail Dressler

Dear Carol: Thank you for the beatiful job you did on my wife, Gail Dressler.  I enjoyed observing your technique and how comfortable you made her feel during the procedure.  Not only are you extremely professional and meticulous, but also an absolute perfectionist.  Because of your expertise, I will welcome the opportunity to refer my patients to you.

Stanley J. Dressler, M.D.